Jacobs Larder

Naturone - natural progesterone cream

NATURONE is an organic vegetable based aqueous cream containing 2000 mg of micronized bio-identical progesterone.

 It is supplied in dispensers that are glass or phthalate free plastic.  Be aware of other progesterone creams that are packaged in soft plastic containers as these are petro-chemicals (and xeno-oestrogens) and can be absorbed by the cream and produce an oestrogenic effect on the user.

  Each container contains 50ml of cream.

NATURONE is supplied in sets of three 50ml bottles (pump pots) or jars.  It is important to use a bottle (or jar) per month for the first 3 months to achieve hormonal balance.  Thereafter the dose can be decreased depending on symptoms.

 Each bottle of NATURONE contains:
·        progesterone 2000 mg
·        extra virgin cold pressed macadamia oil
·        avocado oil
·        marula oil
·        vitamin E as the anti-oxidant
·        Ceto Stearyl alcohol - a vegetable emulsifier
·        glycerine
·        grapefruit seed extract as the natural preservative
·        deionised water
·        Liposomes

 Progesterone pH. Eur. USP JP - Is derived principally from diosgenin, a steroidal sapogenin, found either in the soya-bean or the yam.

 Extra virgin cold pressed Macadamia Oil – This is an important ingredient as many other creams use either a mineral oil which is a petro-chemical and therefore has an oestrogenic effects in the body, or refined oils which can be carcinogenic. Macadamia nut oil is an excellent natural emollient and very stable.(like olive oil).  It is also high in natural vitamin E, an excellent anti-oxidant.

 Avocado oil is rich in essential trace minerals and Vit A and Vit E.  It contains 66% Omega 9 EFA, 12% Omega 6 and 5% Omega 3 EFA.  It is an excellent carrier creaml

 Murula oil is well absorbed, stable and of high nutritional value.  It is rich in Omega 9 oil, an essential component in the maintenance of healthy skin.  It is a natural anti-oxidant.
Vitamin E  - 0.2%.

Ceto Stearyl alcohol - a vegetable emulsifier.  It is not really an “alcohol” but is a vegetable emulsifying wax.  It is a natural thickening agent, moisturizer,emulsifier, stabilizer, opacifier as well as a carrying agent for other ingredients

Glycerine - also of vegetable origin..

 Deionised water

Liposomes.  a nano-molecular spherical structure formed from phospholipids which carry the progesterone through the epidermis (the skin) into the cells for maximum absorption

Grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. GSE has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

NATURONE cream base does not contain:
·        mineral oils
·        colourants
·        chemical preservatives
·        synthetic substances

NATURONE is completely natural and has no animal derivatives, nor is it tested on animals. It can therefore be used by all, irrespective of dietary, environmental or religious concerns.

NATURONE has a pH of 5.5, which is in balance with that of the skin.


The natural progesterone (bio-identical molecule to the human) is placed in a cream that when applied to the skin, is transported through the skin into the bloodstream to the cells.

Natural progesterone is the antagonist to oestrogen, it keeps it under control and completes the hormone cycle.  It counters all the ill effects of OESTROGEN DOMINANCE  and restores HORMONAL BALANCE, peace of mind body and spirit!

Where in nature there is always balance between oestrogen and PROGESTERONE, this is no longer the case … In the group of oestrogens, one Oestradial, responsible for giving the female their secondary sexual characteristics, comes into play at puberty and stops its action at menopause. This fertile female oestrogen, switches on a gene in the body called the BCL2 gene.  This gene causes cellular proliferation … the cells multiply, do not differentiate and do not die.  Progesterone on the other hand switches off this gene in favour of the protective gene, the P53, which reverses those instructions, the cell then matures, differentiate and dies.   If the cells do not get this message, then their proliferation can become a problem such as with CANCER CELL GROWTH, ENDOMETRIOSIS AND FIBROIDS.  

Oestrogen dominance is easily rectified,  but the only way is to restore this delicate balance is by applying  NATURAL PROGESTERONE.  The best way to get natural progesterone into the blood stream quickly is in cream form. This then restores the balance between oestrogen and progesterone immediately and in a short time the symptoms of oestrogen dominance disappear.


without side effects used to treat the symptoms of hormonal imbalance caused by ageing and environmental toxins.